Tuesday, February 07, 2006

British Telecom experimenting with digital signage

According to an article over at AV Interactive, BT is getting into the digital signage game, partnering with British software maker Dynamax. We suspect they didn't choose FireCast because we can't spell the word "color" the right way. The article says:

BT is to sell managed retail screen, content and distribution services to its customer base, which includes the UK's top 100 retailers, and is to resell Dynamax Technologies' PointOfView NG digital signage software.

Dynamax has set up a strategic supply agreement for the scheduling and distribution software with BT, which evaluated a range of packages ahead of its decision to sell managed services to the digital signage market.

BT/Dynamax systems are already being installed, say the companies, with more sites planned this year. BT’s digital signage customers will have their networks centrally controlled from a dedicated PointOfView NG head-end at BT Tower, and will connect to retail display screens across the country, providing a comprehensive scheduling and network monitoring facility.
You can read the rest of it here, but it's mostly just quotes from the different parties involved, in usual press release style.

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