Monday, November 20, 2006

SeeSaw networks raises $10M

According to this press release on their website, digital signage advertising network company SeeSaw Networks has just closeda deal for $10M of Series A financing with Sutter Hill Ventures. The company has a pretty neat advertising system that allows digital signage network owners (or their technology providers, presumably), to band together so that many smaller networks in disparate locations have the clout and ad buying power of a much larger, more homogeneous network.

Similar to what I proposed Google ought to do for digital signage after their acquisition of YouTube, the firm's software lets network owners tag each screen/network with certain target demographic information. Then, advertisers and content producers upload and tag content similarly. Some magic in the background (whether manual or automated) then matches the content to the screens, deploys it, and records views, thus giving network owners a revenue stream and media buyers/planners a homogenous interface to what could otherwise be many smaller networks.

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