Thursday, August 02, 2007

Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) Announces Ad Agency Advisory Board (AAAB)

The OVAB AAAB (ok, I made that second acronym up) was recently unveiled to the public, and as one might guess, includes people from lots of big agencies, like Starcom, GSDM and Universal McCann. While the group's purpose is to "[help] OVAB to break down the barriers to adoption of digital advertising networks," according to Kim Norris, president of OVAB, I wonder how much progress they'll really be able to make, given the myriad business models out there for monetizing screen space.

Still, agency involvement is going to be important for certain types of digital sign networks (most notably those who rely on external advertisers to generate revenues), and if nothing else maybe OVAB's AAAB will be able to produce the list of items that we need to address (e.g. standards for selling screen time, measurement, etc.) before we can be taken seriously.

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