Friday, September 21, 2007

TI promises projector in a cellphone by 2008?

Back in May we saw a sneak peak of a miniature projection system from Light Blue Optics, and while they thought their kit would be on the market "really soon," it looks like Texas Instruments may beat them to the punch, especially after checking out this post on engadget. While it's still a good deal nicer (and more real) than any other demonstrations of this sort of technology, Engadget's authors note that TI is still a ways from being able to commercialize the tech. They note, "As you can see, the reason they want to keep this under wraps for the time being is that the quality and brightness are certainly not ready for prime time yet; while the unit we saw used lasers as the light source, we're told that an LED-based model still in the lab offers significant improvements."

Of course over at Advertising Lab they hit the nail on its head right away, noting, "battery-powered autonomous digital signage that can be updated remotely? It can't come soon enough."

TI suggests we'll start seeing either tiny projectors or maybe even projectors embedded into cellphones as early as next year. I'm not ready to hold my breath just yet :)

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