Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little more morning news for you...

No sooner had I popped up the last post than I noticed a few missing entries:

  • POPAI's Digital Signage Contest entries are due tomorrow! This is the last extension, so after tomorrow you'll just have to wait till next year.  The app only takes a few minutes to fill out, so don't let that stop you.  And remember, if you or one of your vendors is a POPAI member, you can enter for a very reduced rate.
  • Thomson still looking to divest PRN - The unit (best known for running Walmart's in-store TV network for... forever, basically) is probably one of the healthier and more growth-prone in the conglomerate's control, so it will be a painful divestiture, but one needed to meet certain requirements of French law.
  • Outcast brings pump-top signage to New York - I've yet to hear any consumers say anything positive about pump-top digital signage (no offense intended to Outcast or any other network provider), but they seem to be growing, so perhaps we only hear from the complaint-prone :)
  • Transit TV tapped to sell... books? Doesn't seem like it makes sense at first glance, but the article notes that with the introduction of "book trailers", publishers have noticed a difference, and passengers (who apparently tend to be open to reading) have high recall of the spots.

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