Friday, September 02, 2005

POPAI ponders digital signage standards

BroadcastEngineering is running an interesting article that highlights the diversity of digital signage applications coming to market. I'm not talking about digital signage software per se, but more along the lines of things that people do with their digital signage networks. As they note, this kind of diffusion into the market creates the needs for some standards to help business compare apples-to-apples when deciding on how they want to deploy their network:

"Standards are considered essential not only to technology integration, but also to foster advertising spending in signage-related applications. Major growth areas include not only dynamic displays at retail, but also signage-related venues such as movie theaters, which in the U.S. are gradually making the investment into digital projection.

"Yet even as new standards emerge to foster growth of signage media, end users also look for unique digital signage applications that set them apart, according to Scott Calder, CEO of Mainstream Data, which won a contract from Technicolor this summer for satellite distribution of advertising and trailers to U.S. movie theaters that have adopted digital projection technology."

You should check out the rest of the story.

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