Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Notes from the AD:TECH conference

I wasn't able to make it over to San Francisco for this month's AD:TECH conference, which is a series that focuses on all sorts of digital marketing/advertising trends and goes from city to city every month. Fortunately, there's a wealth of quality reviews and commentary on the web, and I thought it might be useful to try and aggregate some of the best bits here (along with the source lists for your perusal, of course).

First up is this blog post by Brian Smith over at ComparisonEngines.com. He took some pretty decent notes during the roundtable/panel discussions on digital out-of-home marketing, which makes for interesting reading. Even without going to the conference (and having been to plenty of similar ones in the past), it was quite easy to get the gist of each person's presentation. Measurement and ROI still apparently rate heavily as topics of interest, and it's always interesting to hear the diverse answers you get about these "hard" subjects.

DMNews comes in next with a summary of the entire show (which of course covered much more than just dOOH and in-store stuff, of course), and starts with a quote from Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, chief development officer and corporate VP at the Eastman Kodak Com­pany, who was also the opening speaker. His note: "The big thing to think about these days is how to align your brand in a digital world." Of course he got into behavioral targeting (online and offline -- scary), as well as mobile and out-of-home stuff. The more I hear about "next-generation" advertising technology, the more I want to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure that nobody is actually following me around :)

Last but not least is the show's own blog, which includes a Flikr-like photo album showing the show floor (featuring vendors you wouldn't normally associate with advertising), and some of the more interesting exhibits. My biggest takeaway from that? These marketing companies have way better schwag than the stuff I saw going around at GlobalShop or DSE.

So there you have it. Was it a show that many in the digital signage community should have gone to? I can't speak for you, but my time was almost certainly better spent elsewhere. There's a lot of cool gear and systems on tap for newfangled advertising and marketing programs, but for the most part (and excluding the conference sessions), I'm guessing that a quick trip around the web would give me more information and a better opportunity for 1:1 followup than spending hours on the show floor. Of course, I also didn't get any of the cool, branded tchotchkes either.

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Retailgeek said...

I attended the show and I agree with you Bill, it's definitely not a compelling event for DOOH or Retail folks at the moment.

If you're really bored, I finally got around to posting some notes about the panel I participated on: