Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Digital Signage Contest of the Year Contest winner announced

As you no doubt recall, last week I announced the first-ever Digital Signage Contest of the Year Contest, to celebrate the outstanding awesomeness and strategic leveraged paradigm synergies of the plethora of digital signage contests out there. Via blog comments, email and twitter I got plenty of votes for winners. Some serious, some... decidedly less so.

But in the end, I thought, "who am I to judge these contests? And is one contest really any better than another?" So I decided to do the pragmatic thing and name all of you winners! That's right, anyone and everyone running a digital signage contest has just officially won the Contest of the Year Contest! If you want to share your success with the rest of the world, you can simply download this badge and proudly display it on your site:

I didn't want to get into the infinite loop of awarding my own contest the contest contest award (try saying that three times fast), so I created -- and awarded myself -- the first ever digital signage contest contest contest award!

So congratulations to all of us! We're all winners! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Oh Billy, how many times have I told you not to take Haldol with your afternoon vodka!

Barnaby Page said...

Truly, Bill, you displayed the judgment of Solomon in reaching this decision.

It therefore gives me great pleasure, on behalf of the entire industry, to name you as the Digital Signage Contest Contest Contest Judge Contest's Digital Signage Contest Contest Contest Judge of the Year!

Bill Gerba said...

Barnaby, I'd be flattered if I could figure out what that means :)

Haynes, stop posing as my mom. Kudos for using the URL, though. I laughed.

Roi Iglesias said...

Could I display the logo on my company webpage as a winner?

Bill Gerba said...

Of course! We're all winners! But to be technically correct, you should first award somebody something, so that you "qualify" for this award award.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh! Wondering! It gives me a great pleasure,on behalf of the entire industry, to name you as the Digital Signage Contest winner.

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Amit Kumar