Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hughes Network Systems wins award for Tesco TV

"The [Retail Solutions] award for 'Most Innovative Use of In-Store Technology' given to TESCO and HNS, recognized the outstanding achievement of TESCO TV, which won from a short list that included Thomson's Virtual Holiday and The Officers Club's Store Portal Solutions.

"TESCO TV is a ground-breaking, in-store advertising and information network, a brand new way of communicating with customers at the point of sale, where buying decisions occur. Media rich content is delivered via HNSE's DIRECWAY service to each TESCO store, where it is then displayed on customer- facing plasma and TFT screens. Targeted promotional content is played on up to 50 screens per store in different store zones, thereby enhancing the customer's shopping experience. With over 5,500 screens deployed across 100 of TESCO's largest stores, TESCO TV now reaches millions of UK households every two weeks. It is informative, relevant, and timely, and delivers business benefits for TESCO, its suppliers, and its customers. TESCO is the UK's leading retailer."

Go ahead and read the full press release.

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