Friday, August 05, 2005

Establishing price points for media on digital sign networks

From MediaWeek:

"[A]s Media Week reported last week (Outdoor owners debate currency, page 13, 26 July), digital screens have now reached the point where an industry currency is needed in order to continue to grow.

"But for media owners operating in a new medium, the trick is knowing when it's time to develop a common currency – too soon and you risk losing your focus when the mediumis still in its infancy, too late and you could find it's become an impediment to growth.

"And once the sector has made the decision to develop an industry-wide trading currency, what are the challenges?

"For screen media, it's very much early days. Digital screen operators began discussing the issue in committee meetings at the Outdoor Advertising Association only in the past couple of months and it could be well over a year before any kind of decision is reached, let alone implemented.

"Agencies are crying out for a consistent trading currency for the mediumand media owners acknowledge that this is needed if the sector is to grow.


"The challenges with deciding on a common currency are immense given the huge variation in the sector – from Maiden Outdoor's huge Transvision screens at mainline rail stations such as Victoria to in-store TV in retail outlets such as Tesco, WHSmith, Boots and Sainsbury's."

This is a great article. I highly recommend you go read the rest of it.

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