Friday, August 05, 2005

Sainsbury's digital signage experiments show positive results

"Two months into its trial of an in-store TV network, Britain’s third-largest supermarket retailer Sainsbury’s is cautiously upbeat.

"'We’re starting to analyse the data and we’re having positive signs," says business development manager Rob Crumbie, though a decision on a full rollout will not be made until the trial period finishes toward the end of 2005.

"The project, called Fresh TV, is just one of several digital-signage ventures at Sainsbury’s, but is distinguished from the others – as well as from many rivals’ networks – by the numerous separate channels and high concentration of screens per store.

"Fresh TV is being run in conjunction with Sony Retail, providing operational, software and screen expertise, and research specialist Litmus. Branding and publishing consultancy New Crane, which already works on Sainsbury’s magazine and other print materials, provides creative and production input."

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