Friday, August 19, 2005

EZ Show begins digital signage rollout

News from another digital signage company that I've never heard of until now :)

"EZ Show LLC, a Washington State multimedia production and distribution company announced today that it has secured an agreement to roll out the first wave of 500 flat screens to convenient stores through marketing company, Judan, LLC. Initially, these screens will be placed in local stores with a plan to expand to over 20,000 locations within the next year.

"EZ Show’s ownership of the screen means that the screen itself is FREE to the hosting retailer. The retailer also receives a complimentary ad and, if desired, a wireless internet “hotspot” for consumers to use while in-store. The retailer’s ad will be one of thirty, 30-second spots that loops every 15 minutes. The other ads that appear on the screen will be placed at a low cost to the advertiser - just $99 a week. And of course, the retailer has the final say about which adverts appear in their space.

"In addition to having ad space available for its flat screens, EZ Show is also creating LCD screen/brochure rack combination displays for use in stores, at trade shows, and in other locations where paper brochures are still needed as a take-away. The collection of orders for these combination displays has now begun for October delivery.

Read the rest of the press release.

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