Friday, August 19, 2005

Lamcy Plaza’s Digital Signage Advertising Network Attracts Mall Shoppers

"LamcyTV was first installed at the beginning of 2005 as Point-of-Purchase signage for mall tenants to help attract mall shoppers to their stores. To date however, Lamcy Plaza has already sold airtime to industry brands that benefit from the large premium market the mal attracts.

"Ahmed El Ridi, General Manager of SSS, a certified Scala Professional, explains, 'POS purchases make up 70% of all buying decisions – that’s a recognized fact of consumer buying behavior. Dynamic Digital Signage or Narrowcasting is highly-targeted advertising to the captive audience within the mall environment.'

"LamcyTV network consists of thirty-seven Plasma and LCD screens distributed in strategic locations where shoppers congregate, i.e. elevators and landings of escalators. The network is a joint project between Lamcy Plaza Management and Specialized Software Services (SSS), the leading provider and marketer of Dynamic Digital Signage Networks in UAE.

"The system employs twenty-five Scala InfoChannel® Players that drive twelve 17" LCD screens with built-in computers and twenty-five 42" Samsung Plasma Screens. The network is managed by Scala’s InfoChannel® Enterprise Edition Network Manager, and because of the mall infrastructure, controlled over a WiFi Network.

"To gain maximum ROI from the network Lamcy Mall Management advertises their own brands and displays mall services on the network. In addition, advertising is sold to large premium brands that are sold in the mall shops. Because of the advertising interest by premium brands and tenant stores, Lamcy Mall Management anticipates the investment for the installation will be recouped in less than one year. Lamcy Mall Management will engage a professional research firm at the end of the year to measure the effectiveness and sales uplift experienced by LamcyTV."

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